Game Board


  1. Start by rolling the dice, and who ever gets the biggest number goes first.
  2. If you land on the big bad wolf you have to go back three spaces!
  3. If you land a wizard he will teleport you up 2 spaces!
  4. If you land on a rainbow space you have to answer a question, and if you get it wrong you have to go back one space, if you get it right you get to move up one space.
  5. Each person will get 5 coins and there will be 20 total coins. You will put 2 coins in the middle  at the beginning and have three left over,there will also be three golden cards in the deck.If you draw a golden card you get all the coins in the middle. If you land on a wolf you have to give a coin, then if you run out you have to go back to the start.Then if you land on a rainbow you get a coin.
  6. Whoever makes it to the finish line first wins
  7. No Cheating!!
  8. If you land on frosty he snow blasts you 1 space forward

Dear Mrs. Larue Letters from Obedience School

Dear Ike,
Do you know those shadows you see at night that look evil? Don’t they look like cats that are getting revenge for chasing them up that tower?We did not run up that tower.Oh, and don’t worry it won’t hurt that much falling off a tower, we have. You know what they say cats have nine lives while dogs have only one. While you’re gone i’m digging a hole for you with a shovel. Muahaha



The Cats

P.S. We might be evil!!!!!!!!!!!

The Day I Earned An Achievement

It was the day I was in the gym about to throw a full. It was nerve wrecking. My palms were so sweaty. I was jumping up and down until it was my turn, and then I realized my tongue was bleeding from me biting it. I also would kept walking back and forth while looking at my mom then at my coach, Jason. Finally it was my turn, and everything bad that could happen to me rushed through my body and gave me the chills. After a little panic, I licked my lips and with all my might pushed forward and did a round- off backhand- spring. Then just like that I was flying, I went up and threw a full with my coach away from me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my mom jumping up and down. Then I heard her say,” Do it again but with me videoing.” I starting to freak out but I took a deep breath in and with my mom videoing I threw it again with ease. I was so happy that day I walked out smiling like a cheshire cat.


Reader’s Theater Child Labor

1.     3 girls work at a Shirtwaist factory on the 8th floor when the factory starts burning.The walls start collapsing so they try to push on the door but it is locked.So they decide to smash the window and jump because they know  will die either way. The 3 girls jump along with some others there and end up all dying. It gets out to the news and they end up passing a law to prevent future catastrophes like that one

I was very shocked when hearing the suffering they go through just to make a couple cents a day, and locking the door was a horrible thing to do. What about their family it must stink to lose a child.



2.     3 kids are interviewed about the job they perform. To teach everyone about history, the first kids was someone named Dennis who worked as a coal breaker at the age of 12. He sits in a box and under him coal and other things go by he has to pick out everything but coal, and if they miss any time the people dock his pay. He also lost 2 friends and 2 fingers while working there. Next is Molly who is about 9 she works at a textile mill.There she is a spinner she walks up the aisles  between each spinning machine and brushes the lent off.Another thing she does is tie the broken ends of the tread together. Again they dock their pay if they are late.She can not go to school because with her family including her they make just enough for their family to eat.There at the mill everyone has a cough but they can’t afford a doctor. Last of all is Jacob he is 6 he and his family work as oyster shucker  he opens up the oysters and takes the meat out. They pay his family 5 cents a pale. He has to be careful not to slice a finger or 2 like his brother.



I was worried when hearing all they go through each and everyday it must be horrible and painful to have your friends die and losing fingers what pain.